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Best places to shop in Kochi


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Kochi, colloquially known as Cochin the “Arabian Sea Queen” is a great little town on India's western Malabar Coast in Kerala. Mother Nature is nurtured by the city and undoubtedly the paradise for a traveler. The city is the ideal example of a modern-day community but determined to maintain culture. Its aspect is reflected in its retail community as the trendiest malls compete with more conventional options offered by street shops.

You can find old entrepreneurs sharing space with trendy, young designers; family-run businesses buying and selling everything from traditional, woven saris to antique furniture and Indians drawing on these themes while making new, contemporary clothes and jewelry.

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Shopping in Kochi 2020

Lulu Mall

Lulu Mall: - It's the largest mall in India (as far as land is concerned) is undoubtedly Cochin's one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment destination and is definitely top of the Kochi shopping malls list. The whole mall is a one-stop solution for all your shopping needs, from high-fashion international brands like Nike, Aeropostale, Wills Lifestyle, zodiac and Ajmal to everyday household products. The Lulu Mall food court is extraordinarily large and therefore can seat 3000 people at a time.

Thread Clasilks

Thread Clasilks: - If you have fascination in some of the ethnic traditional clothing of India, you can get it covered herein Thread Clasilks. The whole shop is one of Kochi's top-rated boutiques and embraces each woman with their diverse collection of six-yard sarees such as, Kanchipuram, Anavila, Raw Mango and Banaras silk sarees and incredibly magnificent artisan accoutrements. The store follow the principle of "Less is More" and with every set they give you will be amazed. Without buying the traditional Malayali Mundu saree, shopping in Kochi is incomplete.

Jew Town Bazaar

Jew Town Bazaar: - Jew Town in Fort Kochi, the epicenter of all historic stuff, is the spot to go if you want anything conventional. You'll discover plenty of one-of - a-kind gems and other vintage items in antique shops and artisans. Of antique furniture, silver jewelry and rare pieces, many people visit Jew Town with hippie style; she is also beloved by foreigners. Prices are often on the higher end and the vendors of the shops are not open to negotiation.

Oberon Mall

Oberon Mall: - Some of the oldest malls in Kochi, following the introduction of other larger and fancy malls, Oberon has managed to maintain itself as one of the top shopping destinations. Oberon is a small but compact mall, although not very spacious, mostly with local brands such as Anarkali, Doc & Mark, Fab India, etc. It organizes some local designers ' signature boutiques, and here you can find their latest exhibitions.


Broadway: - Narrow roads characterize the area, contrary to its name. A variety of clothes and spices that are common in Kochi can be purchased here. Kochi, Broadway's quintessential street shopping destination is filled to the brim with small shops selling a whole range of items. This is an old favorite among generations of Kochiites who have returned for all their household and tailoring needs to this busy and crowded area. For its cheap prices, it is preferred.

Kochi has always been a city of business, although its current atmosphere is really thrilling for tourists with a preference for well-curated shoppers. The city offers a wide range of shopping opportunities for bargaining hunters to exclusive boutique shopping for travelers. Treat yourself to the wonderful shopping experience in Kochi, where you can see the diversity cultivated and often old merchants helping young conventional entrepreneurs to grow on the market. Contact us to book Last minute flights to Kochi and get amazing offers and assistance round the clock from our travel specialist.

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