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What top things you can do in Kochi?

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Top things to do in Kochi

A gorgeous destination with a happy atmosphere, Kochi offers a relaxing bath with the elephants, a ferry ride in and around the city, classical dance and countless things worth looking for. It's just not possible to live in Kochi and not be part of any of the above events. The Queen of the Arabian Sea is very much on the wish list of every traveler and brought near to shores from faraway lands. In Cochin, colonialism is omnipresent, as Fort Kochi and Mattancherry display glimpses of their glorious past through their European churches, palaces, cemeteries, alleyways, fishing nets, and much more. It is staggering and worth going place with loads of cultural heritage to its name this place is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala that is ideal for a visit. Kochi is an ideal place for travelers who want to explore a city without having to step on a bus or take a taxi, as most places can be reached on walk or by bike.

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Things you can do in Kochi

The spice markets, dotting islands, backwaters and beaches, a short drive away, slowly made their way to Cochin's list of activities to do and encounter. The most revolutionary ways Cochin has looked at tourism have been art exhibitions and eco excursions.

Scuba Cochin

Scuba Cochin: - Scuba Cochin is the first PADI authorized dive center in South India and offers different PADI certification courses ranging from open water diver to instructor level and daily dive trips. Located in Kochi's centre, it also provides an Emergency First Responder course. They also snorkel, kayak, and have a dive shop that sells up-to-date and licensed gear.

Princess Street

Princess Street: - Loafer's Corner or Princess Street is one of Kochi's oldest neighborhoods, a mixture of traditional and modern. Located right in the middle of Kochi, the presence of the colonial powers is visible, with the main buildings and houses of European design scattered on both sides of the street, Dutch, Portuguese and British. Princess Street is the place for street shopping, cafes, bookshops and people watching to go to Kochi. It is best experienced on foot, as there are many shops selling artifacts, souvenirs and small crafts.

Kathakali Performance

Kathakali Performance: - Kathakali is one of India's nine classical dances and originates from Kerala. It is well known for its fascinating and colorful costumes. The dance presents themes derived from Ramayana, Mahabharata, and many other Hindu epics. Kochi's Kerala Kathakali Center performs on a daily basis and also presents chances to see the performers applying their make-up and also offers classical dance training programs.

Mattancherry Palace

Mattancherry Palace: - The Mattancherry Palace was designed and presented to the Raja of Kochi, Verra Kerala Varma, in 1555 as a token of appreciation by the Portuguese. Renovations were carried out by the Dutch and modifications were built in 1663, so it was also called the Dutch Palace. Currently, the palace exists to serve as an art gallery that showcases some of India's best art graffiti and paintings, with the star attractions in elaborate detail depicting scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana and other Pouranic legends (old tales).

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A string of small islands and archipelagos around the Arab Sea shore, rooted in proud history, influenced and cultivated for centuries by foreign nations such as the Arabs, Dutch, British, Chinese and Portuguese, welcome to Kochi. Enjoy the beauty of the city and get amazing flight deals on reservations and on tours you can contact us on our helpline number for round the clock assistance.

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